i’m just trying to figure things out before i leave. that way i wont be fumbling through a blog while i am learning a new language while getting aquatinted with a whole new city, country, culture etc….

and  go.

In case you haven’t been filled in on this Japanese excursion here are the basics:

I will be leaving Grand Junction on August 12th and staying in LA over night with my friends then I am getting on another airplane to Hiroshima by way of Beijing.

In Japan I will be an assistant language teacher- meaning I’ll be helping several Japanese teachers in their English language classes.

Once in Hiroshima I will be in orientation for three days. After that I am getting shipped out to Okayama where I will be living and teaching. Upon arrival in Okayama someone will help me get my bank account, po box, cell phone, apartment, and car. Yes car- I will have to drive in Japan, that’s what I am most scared of.

I do not know any japanese, and I was not an English or education major. I just want to learn about new cultures and travel. I just want an adventure and this is my way to go about it.

I don’t know how long I will be in Japan, my initial contract is for 6 mos and I can stay longer if I like it.

So that’s pretty much it, ask me if you have anymore questions.



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