Long time coming….

After 15 months of preparations the time has finally come for me to take my trip abroad. The plans have changed several times, but the main goal has stayed the same: living and teaching english in another country. While it seems as though this move came rather fast, I have in fact been waiting for a while for all of this to come together.

To get an idea of how long I have been waiting here is a general timeline of my trip preparations:

May 2009– As graduation approached I realized I didn’t have any post graduation plans. So like any responsible student I decided to leave the country instead of finding a job. Teaching abroad sounded like a perfect idea, travel while getting paid, and explore new places.

July 2009– completed TEFL certification class to teach English as a foreign language

Aug 2009 – moved away from my friends and beautiful California to live with my parents to save $ for travels.

Jan 2010– the initial date I wanted to leave the country, but at some point in the fall I decided I wanted to stay till the spring.

March 2010– plan B time for leaving the country, obviously this one didn’t work out either. By now I had  started to apply for jobs.

May 1– After a online application and phone interview I had my in person interview with interact in Salt Lake after a crazy, snowy, late, deer, drive to Provo.

June 3– got the job with interac!!! Then alaska trip with Cassie. (this may not pertain to my job hunt, but it was an amazing trip)

August 12,  2010– after over a year of preparing, saving money, and applying the time has finally come to leave on my journey!!!


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