My one night stand with LA…

On my way to Japan I had a tease of a day in LA where I got to say “hi/bye” to some of my favorite people. During the day, Cassie and I hit up the LA tourist sights, Rodeo Dr, Hollywood Blvd (Cassie has never been there- true story), and Venice Beach. I finished up the night with some amazing Mexican food, and even better company. Kaely, Katie, Chelsea, Chelsea, Carole, Cassie, and Travis- you guys are amazing!! As hard as it was to see my CA people for just a few hours, it was so worth it!

One thought on “My one night stand with LA…

  1. it was amazing/hard to see you too Ellie! but it was worth it. i’m glad you had fun on our random day in LA and I’m so happy your goodbye dinner went so spectacularly. I hope you know just how much you are loved by your friends and how much we wish you all the best in Japan!

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