I’m like a moth…

By day Hiroshima is a standard city, but when the sun goes down the bright and colorful signs come out to play. SInce I like pretty much all things that are bright and shinny going out at night is almost too much for me. Almost. So far we have found a couple streets and shopping centers that are as exciting as Chuck e Cheese, and the walk there is filled with huge signs and buildings with light shows as part of their signage. Its true I haven’t been to Tokyo yet, so this is probably nothing. But I am also fresh out of Fruita, where everything closes at 8.

Orientation: For the last couple days I have been meeting with 25 other teachers like me for a few days of teacher training. We spend about 8 hours each day with other ALT’s that have been in Japan for at least 10 years. Although I took the certification course, I still feel pretty unprepared. Real teachers study for at least a year, and I have about 3 weeks of training under my belt.

In addition to the training aspect it has been great to meet other people that are in the same boat as me. About 3/4 of the group know Japanese very well and have spent a great deal of time here. Then there’s the rest of us that have little or no Japanese language skills, and just here for the adventure. It has been a great time so far, and I will be moving to my “home” town on Friday, just when I get used to Hiroshima.Oh yes, I also found out that there are 6 other people from my group going to my city, Okayama, as well as 17 other ALT’s that are already in the city.


4 thoughts on “I’m like a moth…

  1. oh thank god they don’t just send you off to some city in the middle of nowhere all by your lonesome! i’m so excited for you ! gahhhhhh

  2. Ellie-Bell They say you are what you write and with your beady eyes and long nose (where are those wings?) you look like a moth,,Gretchen said it was okay for me to write this cuz you know me, Great to be included in your blogging circle and glad you are doing well,Stay safe and have fun (not too much fun as your susposed to be working)
    Love Fred and Gretchen

  3. Sounds thrilling. Have you encountered any signs that have been lost in translation…I like your smile, but unlike you put your shoes on my face?

  4. Ellie- what adventures you are having already! But that is what you are on the world path for, isn’t it? how exciting- new faces, new culture, new visuals. Keep up your blog- you write so well. I am sure teaching english will be easy for you. Good luck 頑張って. Love, Auntie Ree

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