14 people in 1 elevator w/ 12 person capacity = baaad idea

We started a game called “who’s the fatty” where everyone runs in the elevator and when the too heavy alarm goes off, the last person in the elevator is  “the fatty.” We no longer play this game. After playing who’s the fatty, there was no fatty so we assumed we were safe. Wrong. Just as the light said 6 (our destination) an alarm went off and the elevator stopped but the doors didn’t open. This would be ok, if there was only 3 other people, but I was stuck with 13 guys, creating a human sauna . We didn’t know where we were, stuck between floors, at the floor, at the bottom. What were the chances that we could free fall to our death? Run our of air? After about 15 mins (felt like hours) of mild panic and conversing with someone over the intercom, the doors were pulled open from the outside. We were only about a foot away from the floor, but didn’t quite make it. Freedom had never felt so good. Moral of the story – never test the weight limits of an elevator.

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