So I’ve been in my “home” base of Okayama for about a week and this is what I have figured out about the city. Okayama is a city with a central business district surrounded by a large suburban area also considered part of Okayama. I live in the suburban area close to the hills and about 4 miles away from “the city.” The neighborhood I live in is called: Other than random apartments such as mine there are mostly large single family homes build into the hills surrounded by random rice fields. Just down the road is a business district with a train station. I am able to ride my bike to most places including the home center, 100 yen store, grocery store, and most importantly karaoke. Other than my neighbor Kerrie, most of my friends live in the suburban districts just south of town. The city itself is quite large with plenty of great shops, restaurants, and night life that we have just begun to tap into. There’s even a beach and beautiful mountains that I have heard great things about.  All in all I love Okayama and I am excited to explore all the city has to offer.

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One thought on “Okayama

  1. Ellie- what adventures! THe pictures are great, too. Outside of a different language, it seems like it is flat like Fruita, with mountains in the background. Are you thinking of mountain climbing while there? What’s work like? Do your “students” have english already or are they just learning? What do you do at work? Where do you go to eat? Do you cook your own food? Hope you are having fun!

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