ellie sensei

that’s right I now have the title of sensei. Although I really like to flaunt it, that’s title’s a gift. Its actually a big deal, but then again so am I. I have successfully completed my first week of teaching english. I call it a success because I haven’t any kids throw objects at me, and I haven’t been fired. The first day jitters were pretty bad the night before I started. Just think: first day of school jitters x first day of work worries + language barrier = anxiety attack. Maybe it wasn’t that bad, but I was pretty nervous. Although the first day was the scariest, each day of the week I go to a different school, so each day has been another first day.

The real thing wasn’t that bad. I found my way to the teacher’s room each morning and sat at my desk pretending to be busy. A teacher with some english skills would come tell me what I was doing, or a heard of kids would bring me to my class. Despite the language barrier I have been welcomed at every school. So far I have made self introductions to a school-wide assembly, a lunch time TV program, the entire staff, and 5 classes. I still have 2 more schools to meet, and 10 more classes to introduce myself to.  I am probably saying it in my sleep or will be this time next week.

All the teachers have been welcoming and nice, however I have the distinct feeling that they are talking about me, in front of me. The kids are stinkin’ adorable, have huge personalities, and love to grab my hand and show me around the school, playground, or classroom.

I have to say this is a pretty sweet gig. I get paid to hang out with kids, in a sweet new country.


3 thoughts on “ellie sensei

  1. Ellie- seems like you are getting the hang of it already. It’s amazing what a few smiles and gestures will do to open doors. Good luck in all your classes!

  2. So I looked up the word sensei and here’s what I found:

    The term “sensei” refers in Japanese to persons of respect and/or leadership.
    These include school teachers, teachers of martial arts, doctors, politicians (!?) and some other kinds of people.

    Literally it means “living before (others)” – in the meaning of “an example to others”.
    Since I personally are also referred to as “sensei”, I always try to live up to function as an example to others – which certainly is not very easy.

    Whew, that’s a lot to live up to. Good luck!

  3. Sensei Ellie, Soooo glad to hear that you are liking your teaching job! Instead of just first day jitters I experienced jitters for oh, maybe ten years. Then I began to be comfortable. The thing to keep in mind is no matter how insecure you feel, with little kids you are always seen as “way kool” so they love you in spite of yourself. Your Mom said that you have several friends to have fun with, and that you’ve been to the coast and are learning Japanese. How kool is that!!! I am so jealous! Please write more on your blog. I’m thrilled for you.
    Love, Joan

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