three hour tour?

Some accidents can lead to wonderful discoveries. That’s how we found an amazing island beach with camping and art exhibits. This weekend we decided to take a trip to the coast and find a beach. We set the gps to a random point on the coast to see what we would find. At the first sight of water we parked the car at the nearest lot. When we got out of the car the parking attendant flagged us down and started directing us down the road. At the corner a man started waving madly at us indicating that we needed to hurry. We didn’t know where we were supposed to be going but there didn’t seem to be time to ask questions. Around the corner we were directed to get on a boat that cost 300 yen, we were worried but followed directions.

This is the way adventures are made, right? So we got on the boat without knowing where it was going, but there were families, and a group of teenage girls on the boat so we didn’t feel unsafe.

After a 15 min boat ride we arrived at a little island.

We wandered the island and found an art gallery, small town, and beach. The beach had campsites and a shop where you can rent all the camping necessities. Some went swimming while others wadded in the water and we all enjoyed just being near the water. We have no idea how this all came together but plans are already being made to go back.

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