the best part of my day…

Other than the kids, lunch is my favorite part of being a teacher. At first I agreed to get school lunch because I thought it would be easy, save me money, and I was guaranteed  one hot meal everyday. It was so much more than I anticipated. I have actually enjoyed all my lunches so far. Lunches consist of some meat dish (eel, curry, beef and lemongrass),  a huge bowl of rice (big surprise), vegetables, and milk. (today’s treat was  whole mini fish and almonds)  Once a week lunch will have bread. I get to eat lunch with the students in their classroom which is a huge treat. Lunch is surprising for a number of reasons.

  1. the size, I am almost overfull everyday, and the kids eat just as much as me. It blows my mind.
  2. school lunch is served in the classroom. The schools don’t have a cafeteria, just a kitchen where lunch is made. I had a hard time wrapping my mind around that, every school I have ever been to has had a caff.
  3. * the kids serve each other lunch. The class is divided in half, and the groups serve lunch duty on alternating days. When lunch time starts the lunch group get their gear on; a lab coat, face mask, and shower cap. They head down to the kitchen to grab buckets of food and haul it back to the classroom. Kids of all ages serve lunch duty, I always get a kick out of watching the 1st graders haul buckets of rice that are as big as they are. Once the food reaches the classroom the children serve the food into metal bowls, and all the students wait until everyone has food until they eat.

It amazes me to see the kids serve each other without a thought. They probably don’t enjoy doing it, but they still do it. I would have a hard time convincing kids in the states to serve their classmates lunch each day. They don’t even  clean up their trays. Once lunch is over the kids not only clean up lunch but the whole classroom. Buts that another story for another day…..

*note* these are photos from the internet. I’m not allowed to take pics of the school or my students, its part of my contract…(I could actually be making all of this up…)


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