this weekend the OK (as in OKayama) crew had another fantastic adventure. We spent our weekend at our friend Dan’s house, now called the “mountain home,” as we are planning on frequenting his residence. Just a short drive away from Dan’s are Kanba Falls.

yes, it is a beautiful waterfall, but it has so much more. Monkeys. And not just a couple monkeys, they are everywhere, just roaming around. It was pretty much awesome.

needless to say, i was pretty excited.

cheers to another great weekend…

ps- if this wasn’t enough awesome, my pal jacob made a movie of our adventure. .enjoy.

One thought on “monkeys…..EVERYWHERE!!!

  1. elllll!! loved the video your friend made! i started cracking up when i could hear you in the background saying “this place is blowing my mind!” hahaha because i can picture you so perfectly saying that, its so ellie! miss you lady and glad to see your having such an amazing adventure. must admit my happiness for you is clouded ever so slightly by my jealousy at your adventures while i enjoy the hoardes of angry middle age white americans from every podunk town east of texas that visit my work……. cant wait to skype you lataa!!

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