Hoards of kids just trying to touch your hand, kids screaming whenever you enter a room, escorts everywhere you go…. sounds like the life of a disney pop star. Actually its my job, and its pretty sweet. Not to brag or anything, but I’m getting paid to play with kids. However, there is some potential for my ego to grow far too large. Each time I walk into a class the kids erupt into applause and cheers, just because I’m there. At the end of class the kids line up to have me sign their notebooks, or give them a high five. Sometimes I almost get overtaken by a mob of happy kids. Everywhere I go kids run up to me just to say “Harrow! (hello).” Sometimes these greetings are followed by a giggling fit, especially from the boys. In between classes I sit in the staff room until my escorts come to take me away. I get such a kick out of the escorts. They are a group of 2 or 3 kids from my upcoming class that creep towards my desk and say “hi my name is….. Yuki…..(stick out their hand)….nice to…..nice to meet you”  I say “let’s go?” I get a blank stare and we go off on our way.

All this love can get pretty tiering, I am out for the count when my day is over. Good thing there isn’t much for me to do on weeknights.

This job isn’t just a bunch of butterflies and kittens tho. It can be pretty frustrating. I have to constantly work around a huge language barrier when communicating teachers about class or just trying to get to know each other. I have also had a few classes take a serious dive bomb, whether I’m just not making sense or the teacher is taking the class to a big fat nowhere, either way it sucks.

Regardless of the frustrations, I’m a pretty big fan of being the coolest kid in school. This is the closet I’m gonna get to being a rockstar.


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