toilettes pt2

Sorry I just can’t avoid the potty humor. Bad pun I know. Anyway I had another bathroom experience. As my friend Miguel and I were walking through the city mid conversation he goes “oh thats awkward” and to our right a guy zips up his pants at a urinal and walks away. Another unzips and approaches. No we didn’t wander into the men’s bathroom, this was on the side walk. We managed to stumble into a public bathroom that only had three walls. It was pretty much the same as any other bathroom except open to the world. A whole new take on public restroom. Glad I’m a girl…

its got everything you need, except maybe a 4th wall..


3 thoughts on “toilettes pt2

  1. Geez Ellie you have us laughing uncontrollably! The potties are muy interesante! Sensei at such a young age but clearly well deserved! The children are very lucky to have you, and we are so pleased such an amazing young sensei is representing the US in Japan! Sounds like a wonderful experience! Did you name the bike? How about aoi? Nope we aren’t fluent in Japanese but we do know how to use the English/Japanese feature on wikki.

  2. this is like my worst nightmare, i get stage fright if someone is in the stall next to me, on the street…… heck no! i bet you were real subtle when you took this, not laughing or being obvious at all, subtle is your style!

    by the way i think it was in paris where they have public toilets that come out of the ground like on the sidewalk like porto-pottys just there on a public street but more permanent ones, and i thought those were bad!

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