fishing without fish

who says that you have to catch something for a fishing trip to be a success? my last 2 saturdays have been spent failing to catch fish. regardless of the catch both days have been a success. the ok crew took on the Yoshii river armed with a single fishing pole, salami, and beer. It looked promising, the banks were lined with people also fishing, that’s a good sign right? Once we set up things seemed even better, the fish were literally flying out of the water. They would jump at least 2ft out of the water, its like they wanted nothing more than to be caught and taken home. Things were looking better and better…

However, hours later our coolers were empty of snacks and beer and not filled with fish. In fact, the only thing we caught was some trash we saw floating by. We tried to blame the salami and lack of bait, but saturday fishing pt2 used fish and prawns instead and had the same results. Regardless of the lack of fish caught (i don’t even know what we would do if we actually caught a fish), those were 2 pretty solid saturdays, fishing was pretty much an excuse to hangout with friends outside, there’s not too much to complain about other than sunburns.


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