Inujima on purpose

Several posts ago I wrote about an island that my friends and I visited by accident. Later that week I found out that it is called Inujima (dog island) and is part of a famous international art festival which takes place on several islands off the coast of Okayama. So when my new friend Minako asked if i knew Inujima I said actually I have been there. She asked why I was there, I told here it was a long story. Minko ended up getting tickets to the art festival at Inujima. We took the ferry out to the island. (A much different experience when I actually knew where I was going) and explored the art installmentsof the island.

The art pieces were either houses or the size of a house, that all involved aspects of environmental architecture. The primary installment was a copper refinery that had burned down and was turned into a walk through exhibit that used mirrors to light a maze that worked through through the burned remains.

After we were done exploring the island Minako took me to a small coastal down where we explored a fish market and had lunch next door, and ate the freshest eel i’ve ever had.


It was a delightful day, and Minako and her son were wonderful tour guides. Definately worth waiting a couple days for the rain to go away.

my fantastic tour guides


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