prefecture getaway

Sometimes life in the “big city” can get pretty stressful, so we like to take mini breaks to put our minds at ease.  Ok, not really, we just get bored looking at the same thing so on occasion the OK crews leaves to city and heads to our mountain villa in Takahashi to visit our friend Dan. We had a backyard BBQ, and introduced Aussie Dan to the amazing American invention of s’mores. soo good.

We climbed to the highest castle in Japan, Bitchu Matsuyama Castle, on Mt Gagyu. The inside of the castle wasn’t much to see, except for the movie set in inadvertently walked into. Although they were making a action film, the cameras placed throughout the castle grounds also seemed to follow the pack of foreigners. Wonder what their gonna do with that footage?


We also explored some preserved samurai homes and found an amazing roadside udon stand and bonded with the lovely restaurant owner.


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