get out the brooms and rags…

After lunch each day at school the kids put away their dishes and…..pull out the brooms? That’s right brooms. Before recess kids at japanese public schools all pitch in to clean the school, the whole school. I thought just serving lunch to each other was amazing…Once the dishes leave the class all the desks get pushed to a clump in the back of the classroom and a groups starts to sweep. Meanwhile other students clean the chalkboards,  erasers,   windows, hallways, and even the bathrooms. As the floors are swept a team of students line up to clean the floor, without mops. Instead of mops they use rags and run across the floor. Being kids they run wildly around slamming into each other or doing slides across the floor.  Just like any other group working together there are kids that do a lot of work, some that only  look like they are working, and those that do nothing at all.

The first time I encountered classes of cleaning students a number of thoughts went through my head: 1)This is something that would never happen back in the states. 2) carole should have gone to elementary school in japan, or maybe she did and that’s why she likes cleaning so much. 3) i would be the kid kid fake cleaning or playing wipe out while moping. 4)since the kids grow up cleaning does that mean offices have their employees clean their offices as well…  5) this is a great idea, how clean can 1 maybe 2 ppl get a school, and each school has an army of kids to put to use. plus the kids are less likely to mess things up since they are the ones that have to clean.

ok i’m off my soapbox (haha…ok not funny)