Sweet Serendipity

Its been a week since our trip and to finish my Kyoto high I have just one last post…

Although the sights were incredible they weren’t the best part about the trip. Our Kyoto weekend was epic because of the spontaneous moments that we had throughout the week. These wonderful encounters made this weekend one for the books.

As we started our trek towards Kiyomizu temple an old man became our tour guide. We must have looked hopeless with our guidebooks out and cameras flashing. Although he didn’t speak english and we don’t speak much Japanese we managed to have a wonderful time together. He lead us through streets, stopping to show us the Kodak moments and take group pictures. He brought us to a tea house for some morning sake, then bought us some treats for the next day. He skillfully guided us through the busy streets and showed us the best stores. Luckily our group was pretty big so I was able to sneak into a store and buy him a gift of sake for being our great tour guide. When we got to the Kiyomizu entrance he let us go and disappeared into the crowd.

During our night stroll we came upon an impromptu dance party.  Well I’m not sure what it was really. But there was a group of people singing in the river. Not by the river, in the river. They had their pants rolled up and were leading singing. There were also people singing and playing guitars on the banks. I had no idea what they were singing, and it probably would have helped to know what this gathering was. I climbed down on the banks because it was too good of an opportunity to pass by. No, I did  not jump in the water, it was too cold, and I didn’t know the words of the songs.


When we left for dinner we expected a typical dinning experience and perhaps  drinks after if we could find a place. We got so much more. The restaurant was a japanese interpretation of a hippie hang out, with random pictures tacked to bare wood walls and crates for chairs. An additional plus, we were the only foreigners in the place. In the middle of dinner, a couple walked in and the rest of the room erupted into applause. As it turned out they were just married and met up with their friends to party. We spent the rest of dinner making friends with the wedding party and hanging out with some Kyoto locals.


One of our new japanese friends proposed that we continue the night at Kyoto’s “hottest” clubs. This is a phrase that I have heard thrown around too often, but why turn down a good time? Daiski lead us down the block to inconspicuous entrance. We went down the stairs into a club that was just waiting to be turned into a good time. And we turned it into a good time. As if getting my groove on wasn’t  enough, it got better when a concert started. Some girl took the stage and we continued to jam to some sweet live music.

The night took several turns that we could have never planned, but that’s probably why it was so great.



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