Geeking out Geisha

While in Kyoto, we were able to catch a few geisha, not in nets- but on camera. In the days following the trip I developed a curiosity  with this group.

The contrast of their white faces, black hair, and colorful attire create such a unique idea of beauty.

After we got home from Kyoto I set about researching this japanese profession, and read memoirs of a geisha. Geisha are not in fact prostitutes, they are actually entertainers and experts in traditional japanese arts.

The word geisha actually means master of the arts. They spend years of training in dance, music, tea ceremony, and conversation. Their primary job is to entertain men, providing sake, drinking games, dance, witty conversation, and maybe some other things. What actually happens in the tea houses of geisha is unknown to the general public but that only adds to the mystique.


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