my rockin’ Keitai

My hunter green cellphone or keitai, has gotten a glam makeover. It all started when I achieved one of my japanese goals: earn enough mister donut points to get the donut cell phone charm. It was by far the most over-the-top amazing thing that I had ever seen. So my friend Jacob (another friend who surpasses my enthusiasm for donuts) and I set out to earn the charms. 300 points later we both earned them. It was a shinning moment indeed.

Once the donut charm was attached, the rest of my phone looked so plain in comparison. So I went to the classiest place I know, the 100 yen shop, and bought a phone bling sticker and slapped in on my phone.

I am proud to say my phone has more sparkle than a west virginia beauty pageant.

obscene? maybe. fabulous? without a doubt.

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