Weekly Highlights

Although there weren’t any epic vacations, mini-breaks, or grand plans, this week was pretty great for the following reasons:

1) Tuesday was a holiday. Not sure what the name was, but through my conversations I have come to the conclusion that it was something like labor day. My students described it as “thank you for working everyday..” Whatever the reason I’ll gladly take another day off.

2) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- movie. I have to admit that being able to see Harry Potter soon after the release was one of my concerns about moving to Japan. Since HP is such an epic movie they made sure that it had the same release date as the states. Most other movies come out 4-6 mos after their release in the states, and sometimes with a different title. It was kinda cool to see the movie in another country, sure there were subtitles on the bottom- but it was a chance to practice some Japanese reading. Aaaand the movie was AMAZING!!! The biggest disappointment was the credits- cuz that meant it was over. I could have easily sat through another 2 1/2 hours to see the whole 7th book in action. Just another 7 mos till part 2.

3)Fall colors. Dan, Kerrie and I made our way over to Iyama Hofukuji Temple to check out the fall colors. I thought I knew changing leaves but these kinda blew my mind. We were there at just the right time of day so it looked like the trees were on fire.

4) Badminton with the teachers. I was invited to play with the teachers from one of my schools and I was terrified. I haven’t played since high school PE and its not like I was very successful then. But I managed to hold my own. I dont have plans to take america to the london olympics, but I wasn’t a total embarrassment either. It was an all around good time for a wednesday night.

5)Christmas Holiday- planned. Heather and I just planned our trip to Hokkaido for the winter holiday. We booked our flight today, and are in the process of filling in the details. Its nice to have something planned for the holiday, now I have something to look forward to. Sapporo- prepare to be dominated by team Heather/Ellie.

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