small victories

Not to brag or anything but I pretty much dominated this weekend. To start things off I got my hair cut at a Japanese Salon. I had been holding out for a while, getting your hair cut in a new place is scary enough, throw in a big fat language barrier and it could be an epic disaster. With my trusty friend Jennie by my side we found a walk-in salon called Megami. To start things out the hair washing chair was a massage chair, and I got 2 head messages. I may go back just to get my hair washed. Then the guy that cut my hair was too cool- I couldn’t even handle it, I told him I wanted 4 cm cut off (in japanese thank you very much) and he knew exactly what to do and to even get the layers. I couldn’t have been happier with a Japanese hair experience.

Then Jennie and I hit to town to get ready for the Feliz Navidad party. We managed to find some stellar christmas decorations-inscluding a chirstmas tree- for under $15. Then we got all the fixin’s for a mexican meal. – hence the feliz navidad name. Luckily there is a imported food store in Okayama and we were able to get everything needed for a full taco night.

The Mexican fiesta dinner was a raging success, except the guacamole. Not only was it purchased in Japan, but the label was written in german… yeah german. No offense germany, but what do they know about guac? I know I should have known better buying guac in japan but I was just so excited to see it.  The one food that I have missed more than anything has been mexican and those tacos really hit the spot, and there’s  leftovers.

After dinner we tackled the tree, while listening to Christmas music to get in the holiday spirit. My apartment is a magical christmas wonderland. We finished the night with Elf another holiday staple. Friends, Mexican food, Christmas season delights- what more could you ask for?

To top off this weekend I went out with my new friend Kozue- she’s the homeroom teacher in one of the classes I teach. She took me to lunch at a place that was just too cool- then we went shopping. It was so much fun to just hang out with someone that is younger and actually japanese. We had a great time. And I feel more legit now that I actually have Japanese friends, living in japan and all.

a few good things added up to make an fantastic weekend.

One thought on “small victories

  1. Hey Ellie, glad you are having a good time. I miss your positive energy so much! Love seeing your updates and pics. Do you need anything from here you can’t get there? Let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.

    Talk to you later,

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