christmas came early….


Just got a care package from home 🙂 New contacts, warm clothes, chocolate, dried tomatoes and chilies, scarves, cold medicine,  chai tea, and sunflower cookies. It was better than christmas.

Mom, Dad- your the best!


2 thoughts on “christmas came early….

  1. Ellieeeeeeee. I didn’t know you weren’t going home for christmas that must be kinda hard 😦
    I’ll be thinking about you on christmas, mainly about how jealous i am of you and how much i miss you! I can’t believe what you wanted from the parentals was sun dried tomatoes…… i thought i was the only person who was like obsessed with them. I don’t blame you about the cold medicine thing, when i got really sick in italy the medicine they gave me was basically eucalyptus and water, it did nothing! and i was too scared to buy anything over the counter! Miss youuuuuuuuuuuu I always keep skype on when I’m home to see if your on!

  2. Well Dad is the best but he was not enthusiastically supportive of this effort. More like he gets credit only cuz we’re partners

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