fantastic finds

knitting needles. At the beginning of the year I set a resolution to learn how to knit. After 11 mos and no progress I figured it was a lost cause, until last week. While walking through my 100 yen shop, I spotted some kitting needles- 4 for 100 yen. great price! I can’t say no to that. Once I got home I found a how to knit video on youtube, and I am officially a knitting machine. I have made….. a potholder so far.

Romance Touch TP. I thought my apartment could use a little more class, so I did what most people do, buy some classy toilet paper. Romance Touch was the clear winner, it was colored, patterned, scented, and has an incredibly awkward name. I hope to never mix TP with anything romantic.

Life Juice. aka ginger tea. I swear  this stuff cures just about anything, maybe even cancer. 2 weeks ago I got into some cashews- and paid the consequences.( I have a moderate nut allergy that causes severe stomach discomfort when I eat even the smallest amount of nuts) Ginger tea came to the rescue and helped me through the night. When I felt like I was coming down with a cold I started to suck down the juice and came out the winner in the cold battle. Or for those days that I just feel like my body hates me, I just give it the life juice and I’m ready to seize the day. The best part is life juice is easy to make. Just cut up some fresh ginger and boil it in water for about 15 mins, add lemon juice and honey to taste. that’s it!!

my christmas tree. I have wanted a white tinsel christmas tree for the majority of my life. However my parents would rather skip christmas that submit to the tackiness of a white tree. So I found this the perfect time to purchase such a tree. Even better it was super cheep- another 100 yen store find. I found lights, and ornaments to complete the magic. I may look for a way to keep it up year round.

paying for a flight at the convenie. Yeah that’s right, we paid for our flight to sapporo at the connivence store. While booking our flight to Sapporo online, Heather and I faced the issue how we were going to pay for it since neither of us have japanese credit cards. Well the thing is, not many japanese have credit cards. So when purchasing tickets on line you make a reservation, bring the  printout and you pay cash there. And I thought the convenie couldn’t get any better…

this amazing sign. i think is anti-urniating, but thats up for debate.

….and a quick shout out to my lovely ladies Jennie and Heather who had their birthdays last week. You guys are pretty much amazing.


One thought on “fantastic finds

  1. Hi Ellie! Love a little armchair travel first thing in the morning….sounds like things are going really well over there. I’m so glad to hear it! Can’t wait for the next installment! I’ll actually try to update our family blog soon so you can see some recent pics of Max. He is just starting to talk….his favorite word is….NO. wonderful . Maybe if I teach him no in japanese, it won’t be so bothersome. How do you say No in Japanese?

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