Going north- sapporo pt 1

Our trip to Sapporo was a winter wonderland. From the moment we landed we were greeted with snow. At the airport we had to take a shuttle to the terminal because there was too much snow for the plane to safely get to the gate. I had to invest in some new galoshes because the snow had destroyed my boots. We went skiing at Niseco  on Christmas Eve and there was so much snow that I couldn’t see more than 5 feet in front of me. -side story on skiing. Heather lost her camera during a spill on the slopes. But since we were in Japan, her camera was at the lost and found by the end of the day. 🙂

We spent our Christmas like some true Japanese, shopping and going out that night. In the morning we got our eat on at the train station bakery then explored the underground malls of Sapporo station. Since the city gets so much snow, it has a HUGE network of underground shopping malls. We spent hours down there and there was still more to explore.


7ft hello kitty...amazing

We found a foreigner bar to visit that night and met some other relocated friends to “celebrate” christmas together.

Sapporo really comes alive in February during the winter snow festival. However in december the city puts on the White Illumination. The city decorates 3 blocks of Odori Park with colorful lights, and  become pretty magic when the sun goes down.

We found more Christmas light magic at the Ishiya Chocolate factory. Known for their white chocolate cookies people from all over flock to the factory. We made it too late for the factory tour but the light display was far more exciting. The entire factory was built to look like a German Disney downtown magic land, and on top of that they added some pretty awesome Christmas lights.Theeeen every 2 hours automated robots pop out of the building for a show.

It was like a German Disneyland in Japan. I just about wet myself with excitement.



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