oh yes there’s more….

That’s wasn’t all we did in Sapporo, there was even more winter magic. Since we were so excited to see snow, Heather and I spent a day frolicking in Nakajima park. We made / decorated a snowman, and went sledding with our shiny pants.

who needs a sled when you have slippy pants?

Probably the most famous of Sapporo’s exports is Sapporo Beer, I mean that was the first thing I knew about the city. So of course we had to go to the factory, and take the tour through the museum. The museum was surprisingly short but interesting, with a brief history of the company, explanation of beer making, and a display of cans through the ages. Initially making beer was a government operation. However it was turned over to the private sector shortly after the factory was built and established. The factory and many other buildings in the city were built around the late 1890’s and look very western compared to other old buildings.

Sapporo Factory Building

inside the factory museum

On our last day up north we ventured to the small port town of Otaru. The town is known  for their canal, another area with many brick buildings. It was great to be somewhere with a slower pace and  pristine white snow, rather than the brown sludge we were used to walking through in the city.

All in all the trip was pretty amazing. And definitely worth the massive amount of train/plane/ train/ subway transfers we had to take to get there. After all that travel I feel like Heather and I would be champs on the amazing race. I’m just sayin’…..



2 thoughts on “oh yes there’s more….

  1. I’d vote for you and Heather to win the Amazin Race! Looks like you get the most out of your adventures. Keep up the A-Plus work! Happy New Year, Ms Ellie!

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