Tokyo Smash (part ichi)

Less then 24 hours after getting home from Hokkaido I was back on the road to Tokyo for the New Years weekend. (was it a weekend? I lost track of the days once school got out) Anyway Kerrie and I took the overnight bus and arrived at the lovely hour of 6am. We passed the morning by getting tea in Starbucks and sleeping in the comfy chairs, then getting breakfast in McDonald’s and sleeping in the booth. Judge if you want but we weren’t alone in our borderline homeless practice. Once we consumed some caffeine and freshened up we went out to tackle the city and meet our friend Andrew. We wandered into the Imperial Palace.

you almost can't tell i just spent 10 hours on a bus...

Unfortunately the actual grounds were closed off to the public so we wandered around the surrounding park and admired the outer walls.

Later on we found our way to the area of Shibuya to get our shop on. Outside Shibuya Station is the huge famous crossing with 6 different crossing options. Apparently it was a slow day at the crossing, but that could have fooled me.

There’s a starbucks right by the crossing and we spent some time people watching. Since the windows are on the second floor we were able to sit for hours without being total creepers.


Shibuya has some of my favorite american stores: H&M and Forever 21. I’ve tried doing the whole Japanese store thing and its too hard finding clothes when I’m 4inches taller than most of the country.


shibuya magic at night...

that’s all for now. don’t worry tho there’s more tokyo magic to be had.

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