happy 新年 (new year)

new years in tokyo is a funny thing. In Japan, New Years’ is a big deal the way that Christmas is a big deal in the states. Its a day to spend time with your family. Employees that don’t even get weekends off get a 5 day holiday, and trains throughout the country run on a slower schedule. Around New Years most of the younger people go home to their families in the country. Because of the mass exodus, Tokyo was relatively empty. Relativity. Those that are still in the city go to temples and shrines to bring in the New Year. We decided to start off the night going to Sensoji Temple in the Asakusa area of the city.

It was crazy to say the least. The streets surrounding the temple were completely closed off and the street that lead up to the temple was packed with people waiting to get in.

waiting....and waiting...and waiting....

We got in line around 11:30 but didn’t get to the temple until 1 am. We had the new years countdown in line, but seemed to be the only people that were into the it, perhaps if we started it in Japanese……


our in-line midnight celebration

The temple was pretty awesome, huge, red, crowded, and noisy as people celebrated, prayed, and gave their offerings. Andrew made a video of the coin throwing action check out the link: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=724785741633

After hitting up the temple we trampled down to Ropongi, the night club area of Tokyo, to dance the night away. We managed to bring in the new years in  japanese and western ways.

the main event, Sensoji Temple


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