Back in the saddle…

I just finished my first week back at school since break. Although it was pretty great having 3 weeks off work, it made the return to work a little rough. I had to readjust to hoards of kids on the fringe of my personal space, using broken english to communicate, and waking up at 6 am. My first few classes also seemed to be the most disruptive I have had in a long time, but then again I was also pretty rusty. It was also pretty nice to get school lunch again. After a weeks of eating convenie food and trying to cook for myself a decent hot meal was a great change.

After 4 months of teaching I feel like I have a pretty great grasp of the job. I’m not saying that I’m the greatest teacher these kids have ever had, more like I have an understanding of the good and bad points. The good: the kids still love me and scream my name when they see me, I don’t really do much outside of the classroom, I have real weekends and vacation time, I make enough money to live on and travel, I work w/ some pretty cool people, annnd I’m living in Japan. The bad: the language barrier can cause a few misunderstandings, the language barrier makes it difficult to get past superficial conversations, there’s a lot of down time, and I have to wake up at 6am. Conclusion: this is a pretty sweet gig. Although the job isn’t terribly challenging its great for right now. (there’s no plan for this to turn into a life-long career)

Japanese photobooth magic

But I have decided to sign another contract so that means I will be staying in Japan until March of next year. However there will be a relocation come this spring. Interac’s contract w/ Okayama city won’t be renewed so I have to move along, just don’t know where yet. I love Okayama but a change will be kinda fun, a new experience, nice little move. So back at school and no traveling for a while. But I’m ok with a little down time now and then…

ps- my friend laurel writes for the coloradoan and is pretty much amazing. you should check out her latest article.

3 thoughts on “Back in the saddle…

  1. Ellie – fun reading your blog. Your Aunt Ree (my niece – I Am your grandfather’s brother and your Dad’s Uncle -( got that?) I am sharing with my kids – Rich Jr (Dallas) and Liz (Nashville). Rich had considerable time in Japan while defending his country.Keep in touch

  2. Ellie, I have been following your blog since you started. I love all of your pictures and it is great to hear about your adventures. I can’t believe you are staying until March next year!!! I miss you, but I am glad you are staying connected with all of this – it makes it seem you aren’t as far away 🙂 I didn’t go to eve of Christmas eve this year, but I am sure it wasn’t the same without you!

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