bucket list

To make sure I make the most of my time in Japan I decided to make a list of things to do. (Completed goals have been starred.) Considering I still have another year I’d say I’m off to a good start. I’m also taking suggestions for additions:

*eat at a  sushi train*

*visit shibuya crossing*

watch live sumo

*karaoke the night away*

*explore the temples and shrines in Kyoto*

get a fish pedicure

Sapporo snow festival

Hiroshima sake festival

explore the Tokyo fish market

Visit Okinawa

Climb mt fuji

Saidaiji (nearly) naked man festival (watch, ladies can’t participate)

cherry blossom viewing in the spring

*Visit the peace park in Hiroshima*

*participate in a tea ceremony*

*see a geisha*

attend a baseball game

*ski in Hokkaido*

go to hello kitty land

play at  universal studios (i haven’t been to one in the states either)

*wander Harajuku*

get pushed into a subway car

*Kinkakuji Temple*

*beauty photobooth*

Backpack in Hokkaido National Parks

Fishing in the Sea of Japan

Visit Yokohama

Osaka Aquarium


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