break me off a piece of that…

My new sweet obsession doesn’t seem all that Japanese or original: kit kat bars. but Japan takes these simple chocolate wafer sweets to a whole new level. Its one of the top 3 most popular candies in Japan. Before coming to Japan, I never really gave kit kats a chance, they were my least favorite of chocolate bars. I never purchased them, Halloween was the only time/reason that they were in my possession. I started getting kit kats from teachers as an afternoon snack,  (who am I to turn down chocolate), and they started to grow on me. Its the perfect combination of crunchy and chocolate, but not too rich or heavy. (yes I’ve given it some thought)

But what makes Japanese kit kats so great isn’t the balance of snack perfection, its the flavors. Japan took the idea of wafers covered in candy, and ran a maraton with it. There are seasonal varieties (cherry blossom),  limited edition flavors (Cola and Lemon squash), and regional tastes (Hokkaido’s grilled corn). Wikipedia lists 81 flavors available only in Japan. I even found blogs devoted only to the discovery of  kit kat flavors….. ( and

In addition to my Japanese bucket list I’m also going to try as many kit kat flavors as I can. Its not going to turn into an all consuming goal, but a fun journey for my taste buds. I’m not going to try to dominate the list because some of the flavors may not be available anymore. I’ll think I’ll just go for a number…50 sounds good. I am going to try 50 different flavors of kit kats.  I’ve tried chocolate, dark, strawberry, Houjicha (rosted tea), and strawberry cheesecake. 5 flavors down, 45 to go..

Here they are all the wonderful(ish) flavors: Aloe Vera. Aloe Yogurt. Apple. Apple Vinegar. Azuki (red bean). Banana. Beet. Bitter Almond. Black Tea. Blueberry. Blueberry Cheesecake. Bubblegum. Brown Sugar Kinako. Café Latte with Hokkaidō Milk. Calpis. Cantaloupe. Caramel and Salt. Caramel Macchiato. Caramel Pudding. Cheese. Chocolate Banana. Cola and Lemon squash. Citrus Pepper. Cookies & Chocolate. Cookies and Milk. Cookies PLUS. Creamy Apple. Cucumber. Custard Pudding. Dark Chocolate with Cookies for adults. Daigakuimo (sweet potato). European Cheese. Exotic Kansai. Framboise. Fruit Parfait. Ginger Ale. Green Grape Muscat. Gold. Golden Peach. Hazelnut. Hascapp. Houjicha (rosted tea). Iced Tea. Itoen Juu-jitsu Yasai. Jasmine Tea. Jyagaimo (potato). Kobe Pudding. Kinako (soy bean). Kinako Ohagi. Kiwifruit. Kokuto (black sugar). Lemon Chocolate. Lemon Vinegar. Mango. Mango Pudding. Maple. Matcha. Melon. Mild Bitter. Milk Coffee. Miso. Mixed Juice. Orange. Passion fruit. Pepper. Pickled Plum. Pineapple. Pumpkin. Ramune. Raspberry and Passion fruit. Relaxation Cacao. Rose. Royal Milk Tea. Sakura (cherry blossom). Sakura Macha. Semisweet. Sour Orange. Soy Sauce. Sports Drink. Sparkling Strawberry. Strawberry. Strawberry and Cranberry. Strawberry and Milk. Strawberry Cheesecake. Tiramisu. Tiramisu Macha. Triple Berry. Ume Soda (plum soda). Vanilla Bean. Wa Guri. Wasabi. Watermelon and Salt. White. White Peach. Wine. Yakimorokoshi (grilled corn). Yuzu. Zunda (mashed edamame beans).


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