the week in review:

no big trips lately but I have done my best to shake things up. it was only a 4 day week, friday was another random holiday, made some plans for future trips, and solidified some of my moving plans.

In Japan there’s 3 brands of beer: Sapporo, Asahi, and Kirin. Well, it just so happens that there is a Kirin factory just outside of Okayama and they offer free factory tours. We made a reservation and a guy picked us up from the train station, we had a private tour, and beer tasting at the end. And did I mention that it was free? It was the best free.99 that I’ve ever spent.

moving update: Its official I’m moving to the town of Kanonji, Kagawa prefecture Japan. Its located on Shikoku Island and about an hour away from Okayama by train. It is the smallest prefecture in Japan, but famous of its Udon- thick noodle soup- and it just happens to be one of my favorite Japanese foods. On Friday the girls went down to Kagawa to check things out. I didn’t make it to my future home but we went to the city Takamatsu. There were lots of hills, the coast was beautiful, and the shopping was great. Beautiful views, great food, and shopping, I think I’m gonna be ok with this relocation. The only problem is my friends aren’t coming with me. Heather is the only one of the OK crew that is even staying in Japan, the rest are going home to various parts of the planet. We have been preparing for the divorce of the polygimist family, its gonna be a rough time.


view of the seto sea.

In march we get  5 vacation days 7-11th, so the OK crew has planned one last horah trip to Okinawa. We just booked the flight and hostel. Its safe to say that I’m pretty freaking excited; great friends, warm weather, beach. What more can I ask for?

Its been a great week, and next week brings even more: my birthday party concert (!), valentines day, and Saidaiji Naked man festival!!!

and now I leave you with some inspiration I found this week:

“Peace clover, a moment to play with the sky” (student’s pencil case)


is this tell you to drop down regardless of the consequences? (ie falling on your head)

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