little treasures everywhere

some recent gems I’ve encountered:

need too add an extra inch to your height but don’t want others to notice? just use these discrete insoles inside your boots and everyone will think you grew an extra inch overnight! really? I guess this is something I’ll never understand.

Jennie's face sums up our excitement pretty well.

we found a hello kitty popcorn vending machine. through the window you can see a little bear get a bag of popcorn and kitty pops it fresh just for you! you can even see popcorn popping in Kitty’s cup while you wait. And it was delish! There’s even 3 flavors, salt butter and carmel. I’m gonna have to go back and try all 3 kinds!

best 100 yen I have ever spent


Adele’s new video for Rolling in the Deep. I don’t usually like music videos but this is perfection.

Yes this is a real sign, and not for delicious breakfast food. Its a store in Okayama. Best name ever, who doesn’t love crispy bacon?


Found a new flavor of Kit Kat: European Cheese. It was probably the worst thing that I have ever consumed. It wasn’t sweet cream cheese cheese, think cheeze-it covered w/ mango yogurt. and not in a good way. Hopefully the other flavors provide more satisfaction… Oh well can’t say it wasn’t entertaining..

2 thoughts on “little treasures everywhere

  1. You can’t understand why Japanese people want to be taller? When I first went to Japan in 1954, the average Japanese adult was barely over 5 feet tall (like your great grandmother). Two things were most desirable to Japanese women then – getting taller, and having eye surgery to make them look more ‘western’. That was before they decided to take over the world economy. A qt. bottle of Asahi was 100 Yen. Enjoying your blog.

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