A Birthday for the books.

On Friday I had my birthday party  organized by my lovely friend Yuki. She organized a birthday concert/ party for me and her boyfriend. The night started out with a concert at Okayama’s country western bar. Our friend Hiroshi has a band and they put on a great show. I even got a couple birthday shout-outs.

vids of the show: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150097085423526

After the concert we headed over to our weekend joint – Pinball cafe. As if the night wasn’t great enough Yuki brought out flaming cakes for Rod and I, and the whole place irrupted into “happy birthday!” In addition to the amazing events, we had some great additions to the typical OK crew;  Andrew, Miguel, and Dan and came down to Okayama for the weekend.

my wonderful cake!!

my cake surprise vid: http://www.youtube.com/user/Asmall722#p/u/0/OHRJcjhokxQ


As if my birthday party wasn’t enough my actual birthday was also pretty epic. The school that I was teaching at bought me a cake because it was also my last day teaching at this school. When they found out it was my birthday they decided to change the last 30 mins of work into a goodbye/ happy birthday party for me. Each of my classes that day also sang me “happy birthday” in the best English I have ever heard from them. Theeeeeen at lunch a group of girls who I didn’t have in class that day also came to sing to me.

goodies from school

I finished out the day going to dinner with the OK crew. We ate at a delightful little Italian restaurant. I’m not gonna lie, having some tomato and garlic on my pasta accompanied with a glass of red wine was a great change of taste. It was a pretty amazing day 🙂

spoils of the night (i have amazing friends)

Should I be worried that most of my gifts were snacks of some kind?

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