contract: completed.


6th grade gift


portrait plaque 2 of 4

That’s right I’m done. With my current contract anyway. (I’ve signed another year contract so I’ll be in Japan for another year) Its crazy that 6 months of teaching have gone by, it doesn’t seem like that much time, until I think how far I have come. I distinctly remember walking into my schools for the first time ready to poop my pants with fear. I was so nervous to be infront of the students, how to act towards other teachers, and how everything worked in the school. By the last 2 months most of my schools felt like my second home. The teachers were incredibly welcoming, and showered me with kindness, coffee, and delicious snacks. Some schools even far enough to invite me to their christmas parties, bbq’s, and out to dinner. I really don’t think I could have asked for a better experience. My last day at each school was vastly different, but helped me to realized how appreciated I was.

goodies from Kachi

Honestly I was blown away, I didn’t think these schools thought about me all that much. I had a couple first years cry when I told them it was my last day. I was showered with student artwork, plaques, cards, candy, and even given a human tunnel as an exit on more than one occasion.

I am sad to leave my schools. But I think I’m ready to move onto what’s next.

Contract 1 completion conclusion: Japanese students are amazing at drawing anime. I still like teaching. Its still too early to decide if I want teaching of some kind to be a long term career plan. But I have to say I still enjoy getting paid to play with kids. To get an idea of my students check out this video. This is similar to the reaction I get when I walk into a first grade classroom. (hardly an exaggeration)


One thought on “contract: completed.

  1. Ellie- that is so awesome, all the accolades for you from your students. I love reading your blogs, and can’t wait to hear of your next exciting adventure.
    PS- Thanks for turning me on to Adele. She rocks.

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