a break from real….

the Ok(ayama) crew has relocated to another Ok(inawa). So for the next week we will be basking in the 65 degree weather, beachside, sipping frosty beverages. My post Okinawa agenda consists of hanging out in Okayama, job-free, spending time with my ladies, packing my apartment, learning to drive in Japan, weekends in Hamada, Kobe, and Hiroshima. March is gonna be a rough month…

3 thoughts on “a break from real….

  1. Your Aunt Jane taught at Okinawa – Kadena AFB – back in the 50’s. Your cousin Rich Jr was on the USS Midway ported in Yokuska in the 80’s. He had an apt ashore . He tried several time to get his Japanese driver’s license, to no avail. When I was there in 54-55, we had a house in Sasebo. Mamasan would cook and clean for us, and we could buy a quart of Asahi for 100Y which was about US $.30.

  2. Ellie- Hope you are safe after the earthquake and tsunami- and your friends, too! Hope you can post some news soon!

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