down south: we’re OK.

I’m ok. My city was untouched by the earthquake and following tsunamis.  In fact I didn’t even know about them right away. We were traveling back from Okinawa most of the day, unaware of the devastation up north. When our plane was landing in Kobe the landing was delayed because the “runway was shaking.” We thought it was a strange translation for the word turbulence and blew off the announcement. At the train station shinkansen trains were delayed because of an earthquake, but those happen all the time. We didn’t have a clue about how serious things were till I got a call from my friend Jacob panicking that we were ok. He told us about the earthquakes and tsumanis. As soon as I got home I turned on the TV to see the devastation. There were live videos of the tsunamis sweeping away cars, semis, and shipping boats into a wave of sludge.

Its strange to be so close but so far from a disaster. Although I’m only hundreds of miles away from the one of the biggest earthquakes in history, my city was untouched and and life goes on as normal. I only know one person up north in Yokohama and he was contacted within hours of the quake. Working in schools is my strongest connection to Japan society and since I’m not teaching I’m really cut off. I can’t express how lucky I am, in where I got placed for work and we chose to vacation south this week instead of up north.

My friends and I got back from an amazing trip, but it seems inappropriate to post those pictures so close to such a disaster. My prayers are going out to those up north.

5 thoughts on “down south: we’re OK.

  1. Ellie- Glad you and your friends are okay. I know your mom and dad are relieved as well. Good luck in your new venture. Love- Auntie Ree, Uncle Glenn and Fam.

  2. Ellie, Jeffrey and I are so relieved your safe in the south. The disaster we are seeing still unfolding is so terrible there are no words. Thank-you for keeping us posted. Love to you, Susie

  3. So glad you are safe, El, but the Japanese people are certainly in our prayers. I’m sure we’ll find ways to contribute toward helping out. Love ya, sweetie ~Aunt Deb, Uncle Daniel, Francis & Vita

  4. Ellie, sooooo glad you are alright. My thoughts and prayers are with you and those up North. May you continue to stay safe.

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