As things in northern Japan continue to get worse, life in Okayama continues as normal. More businesses play the news and there are a few collection jars around town, but other than life goes on unchanged. Even as the reports of the nuclear facilities gets worse Okayama is still hundreds of miles away from the worse-case-scenario danger zone. Even though Tokyo had very little structural damage the city has limit train service, daily electricity blackouts, and food shortages.

I feel guilty that my life is fine while there are so many people who lost everything, or are waiting to see if they will.  Other than donations there is little else that I can do. I want to help in May when during our spring break, but that still may be too soon. So until things calm down all I can do is open my heart and my wallet. I made my donation to the Red Cross at a convenience store; they have a program set up. If you  want to donate follow the link Also, if you happen to hear about an American relief trip in the coming months please let me know, I am trying to find an english speaking trip if possible. Thank you.


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