the LOST island..

After a few days in Naha we decided that we wanted to get away from the city and find a private beach. So we took a ferry to T0kashiki island, a tiny island 35 minutes away. We got picked up at the ferry and driven to our hostel. The island was incredible, huge hills/mountains with lush jungle forrest surrounded by bright teal water. We had the beach to ourselves, it was amazing.

We were a little early for the tourist season. While thats a good thing for the beach its a bad thing for food. Everything in the village was boarded up until tourist season. There was one restaurant and it was open for an hour at lunch and and hour at dinner. On the first day we missed lunch. Eventually we found a dive shop that sold potato chips and made a point to get to dinner on time. Not exactly roughing it, but it got pretty tense for 15 minutes. Had it been a real situation I don’t know how long we would have lasted.

our lunch feast. crisps have never tasted so good.

We spent the next two days soaking up sun and enjoying our private beach. There were a few other groups but none of them stayed too long.

i didn't know "photo?" meant "photo w/ me"

We had a difficult time pulling our sunburned selves away from our island paradise. Had there been more food we might have never left. But we did. Jacob stayed in Okinawa. Kerri just got back to Canada. Jennie is in New York. Heather is off to Matsue (2 hrs north of Okayama) next week. We had a great last week together. Couldn’t have asked to anything more.


One thought on “the LOST island..

  1. aww el I’m sorry phase 1 is over! i know how hard it is when everyone goes home 😦

    but i know your remaining positive because thats just what you do!

    glad you had a nice vacay!

    miss and love you dearly!

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