changing things up.

Shortly after getting home from Okinawa, I packed up my stuff and moved my place of residence to Kanonji, on Shikoku island. Its just about 1 1/2 hours south of  Okayama (my old place). *before moving I took a week-long detour to Hiroshima for training, but more on that later.

where the heck is Kanonji you ask?

that doesn’t help much…

first impressions of the place: much smaller, less traffic, nice and open, there are a number of wide roads, lots of fields, plenty of mountains to climb, and the coast is nice and close. I have spent today driving around finding the essentials, grocery store, 100yen shop, sushi train, mall, and mcdonalds. Oh yeah I found most of my schools too. I have to leave town to get to some major stores but since there’s much less traffic its just as much time in the car as in Okayama.

My new apartment is pretty much the same as the last, so I won’t post any pictures because you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Moving is so much easier the second time around.

I still have another 3 days to explore before I have to start teaching again. Waking up at 6am everyday is gonna be rough, especially since I haven’t taught since March 1st. But its gonna be pretty great hanging out with kids again, and this time its a whole new batch…


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