Japanese Bluegrass

Two weeks ago while leaving my yoga class, I was invited to a flower festival. I didn’t think too much of it, until my friend Yuko followed up on the invite. I had no idea what the “festival” was for, but it was a beautiful day and I had nothing else to do. It turned out to be a 蘭(ron) or orchid festival hosted by a local green house. There were many beautiful flowers on display and live music all afternoon. A number of flowers were also for sale. However I am struggling to keep my daisies alive, spending money on an orchid was out of the question.

We were invited to sit at a table and share the food that our new friends had brought. There was chicken, fried bamboo shoots or “bamboo baby,” and enough onigiri (rice balls) to satisfy a small army.

While enjoying the delicious food we were entertained by a taiko drum group. If I had any sort of rhythm I would seek out a taiko class to take. But my college tap dance teacher can assure you that I am not being modest.

There were a number of other musical acts. The next was Karaoke, and yes this was considered a musical performance. The “performers” of karaoke had signed up weeks in advance, and came in costumes. This was far from the drunken Karaoke stereotype. Needless to say I didn’t jump on stage.  After 45 mins of prefabricated music, the more traditional musical performances started. As a lovely treat the bands were bluegrass themed and played sets of American songs. Some I knew quite well; Puff the Magic Dragon, This Land is Your Land, Yellow Submarine (w/ banjo solo).

This concert resembled the many concerts my parents dragged me to growing up, but this time I enjoyed it. It was a beautiful day and I just missed getting a serious sunburn thanks to the cowboy hat I was asked to wear..


3 thoughts on “Japanese Bluegrass

  1. Sorry your parents had to drag you to concerts when you were growing up. If I had known, I would have had words with your father…..

  2. Loved it. Your best post!!!! Japanese bluegrass? hmmmm
    Telluride ambitions abound I’m sure
    The kiddos drumming are wonderful to see

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