in other news….

golden week just started. I am in the midst of my first 3 day weekend of the on and off work week. I thought I’d start the holiday week off with some treasures I’ve been collecting these last few weeks.

A little shout-out to home. I use this picture to explain where in the states I live. After explaining the Rocky Mtns. the typical response is “Oh John Denver, I love Country Rose.”

I’m not certain what this truck is for, my best guess is a plumber. But I love that its a little white boy that’s peeing all over the place.

Notice that “BAD MAN” is written on the bad man’s sweatshirt just to make sure you knew who he was. In fact all criminals in Japan wear jacket’s with such a label to make it easier on the police. Notice that BAD MAN is written in english.

My current favorite snack. Wasabi kaki-pi, rice crackers and peanuts covered in wasabi, mmmm I’ve been known to take convenie detours just to get the stuff. At 100yen / bag can’t go wrong.

This isn’t an advertisement in the red light district of town, its in the drug store. Something about pure makeup…..I still can’t help but the chuckle when I see this.

Japan has various characters, many of which are downright creepy. Of the creep characters this peach thing is my most hated. Yes I know that hate is a strong word, but I save its use for occasions such as this. Andrew has a charm of this guy on his phone, I try to burn the face off whenever I’m in the vicinity of a lighter.

A while back I started my Kit-Kat quest, and I’ve never given the update. I’m up to 15 flavors: original, adult, melty almond, strawberry, strawberry cake, matcha, matcha milk, white, long potato, european cheese, hojicha, orange, pudding, beni imo, mixed citrus.

I knew that smoking in Japan was common but I didn’t know that people wanted to advertise their love of tabacco products.

There’s a beach 10mins away from my house and I often go there after work, and enjoy the sunset. I love being so close to the coast.

I have work again on Monday and then another 3 days off. Andrew, Heather, Miguel and I will be driving to Fukuoka on Kyūshū island. We don’t really have any plans other than going to Costco. Yes there’s a costco there and we have a membership card. Its going to be magic. I can taste the chicken bake already.

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