ramen- so much more than cup noodles

Outside of Japan ramen is pretty much a joke. Sure it tastes good, but the only people that eat it are broke college students. People always refer to the days that all they could afford was ramen. So when I heard that there were ramen restaurants all over Japan, I didn’t get it. Why did people have to go to a restaurant to get instant food. Ramen in Japan isn’t even the same food. Instead of a bowl of heavily seasoned liquid and mush noodles, restaurant ramen is a delish greasy broth with thin chewy noodles, and lots of thin cut pork or crab….

Legend has it that ramen is of Chinese descent. The noodles are a Chinese style and the broth and soup is where Japan took control of the dish. The soup/broth base and toppings vary by the area of Japan.  Fukuoka is known for their Hakata Ramen – a pork based broth with egg, and pork on top.

there's noodles somewhere all that meat

Hokkaido is famous for its miso ramen, wish a miso based broth (obvious from the name) and topped with corn, more butter, and crab. This kind has enough grease on top to cause a heart attack withing minutes of consumption. It is also in the top 10 list of greatest meals ever.

dear hokkaido, i love your ramen

Ramen is known for its humble habitat. It is found in restaurants, but the best rament comes from tiny stalls or roadside carts.

stall from Sapporos ramen alley

A general rule for judging ramen carts- the worse the smell the better the ramen. If it smells like a high school locker room, you’re gonna have a great meal.

canal street ramen cart

Hopefully I have convinced you to look past the noodle brick and give ramen a chance.

If not, that means more for me…

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