COSTCO……in Japan!!!!

yes its true there are Costco’s in Japan. They’re all over the world actually, in 9 different countries, including Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. When we found out there was a Costco in Fukuoka, we decided that 1) we had to go 2) we had to drive so we could fit our treasures from the travel.

The store is basically the same as the ones in the states. A warehouse full of electronics, giant packages of food, a bakery w/ the same muffins and cookies, patio furniture, and bins full of random clothing.

Costco is especially odd in because everything else in Japan is smaller. The food comes in smaller packages, even the shopping carts in regular grocery stores are mini size. So to see Japanese people pushing around the giant carts and carrying 300 packages of raisins, is a little odd. The store looked like I was in America but every once in a while there would be a package of miso next to the box of doritos snack packs.

Although I was pretty stoked on Costco I didn’t buy all that much stuff.  It may have been cheeper to buy 100 rolls of TP, but we didn’t have the car space and that may take up my entire apartment. I did manage to find some great items tho. Einstien bagels- that’s right real bagels, peanut butter- its wicked expensive here and this was a great deal, Bean and Cheese burritos – gatta get my mexican fix, and Nature Valley Granola Bars- it is surprisingly difficult to find granola bars in Japan. Although I dropped my peanut butter during my mad dash to the Shinkansen, it was worth every yen. And I am still reaping the benefits every time I have apples and peanut butter for a snack. The jar is about the size of my head so I’m gonna be enjoying it for a while.

our shopping charriot and cafe eats

To round out our Costco experience we stopped by the cafe, and I got the hot dog combo and chicken bake for the trip home. Maybe I didn’t need both, but it was gonna be a while before I could experience the cafe again. And I can’t remember the last time I had a hot dog.

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