Awashima Adventure 粟島 冒険

Last weekend I joined a huge group and escaped to an island. It was part of the international organization, which organized a day at a near bye island for foreigners to meet other people who live in the area. Since I’m still new to the area and don’t know many people I jumped on the chance to 1) meet more people 2) explore more of my area. The day exceeded all the expectations.

We started off the day climbing to the highest peak on the island. It wasn’t terribly high, however it was impressive since the mountain literally started at sea level. The entire hike up the hill was climbing wooden stairs that were carved out of the ground. While it wasn’t super hot, it was crazy humid, and I sweat enough to fill a water bottle.

and these went the whole way up the hill

we all made it

However, the view from the top was well worth the sweat stain on the back of my shirt. From the top you could see the rest of the island, and the inland sea dotted with hundreds of other islands. Although it was a hazy day, the views were still incredible.

view from the top

i couldn't help myself..

When we got to the bottom we had a rockin BBQ waiting for us. In the states BBQ for a bunch of people means hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato salad. This one was so much more. There were grills set up all over the park and trays of assorted meats and veggies with more than enough food to satisfy our small army of people. My only complaint was the lack of BBQ utensils and it was far too hot trying to use my chopsticks as a cooking tool.



With our bellies full of food we were used to clean up the trash on the beach. It was in bad shape, and after getting so much food I was ok with being put to work.

We left the island tired and sunburned, but also with some new friends. The People who lived on the island sent our boat off with streamers and waved us off from the dock. This is just the beginning, the weather is getting warmer and there are hundreds of other islands to us to tackle.


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