typhoon warning and other news

there’s a typhoon coming on Monday. Its kinda like a hurricane but much less intense. Don’t worry tho, I’m in the inland sea surrounded by hundreds of islands. But that does mean rain, and lots of it. I do love the view out my window of the rice fields rippled with rain drops, and the sound of frogs as I go to sleep at night. But it puts a damper on my weekend adventures / beach plans. Ufff, and its not even the rainy season yet.

the view out my back door

In other news, these are the tunes I can’t get out of my head. Nothing too new or ground breaking, enjoyable none the less.

I just bough a bike, I had to leave my old one in Okayama b/c it didn’t fit in my car, and my neighboors picked it about and locked it up w/o my lock. (loong story) So I found one on amazon.jp it had gears and will hopefully be more suitable for long distances. Thus continuing my love for the amazon.jp website and its english page, and free shipping in Japan. Money may not buy happiness, but it bought me a bike. And I’m almost always happy on a bike, so in a way, I just bought myself some happiness.

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