Japanese noodles pt 2: Soba

During my Oki adventure we had the opportunity to make our own soba noodles. Soba is much healthier than ramen since it isn’t friend and  made from buckwheat flour and cut very thin. Soba originated in Tokyo during the Tokugawa period when there was a widespread thiamine deficiency and they found that eating buckwheat products such as soba helped to alleviate the symptoms. Soba is served as a noodle soup in the winter, and chilled with a dipping sauce in the summer.

Step 1: mix buckwheat flour and water with hands

Step 2: knead

Step 3: Roll out to about 2mm in thickness. (that’s right I just went metric on you)

Step 4: Cut. The tricky part is getting it nice and thin.

Step 5: cook and eat

our delightful and patient soba instructors

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