homeward bound (i wish i was)

Its true 9 months later the time has finally come, I am homesick. Just a bit, like a chocolate chip craving that just won’t go away. My craving to be home is hitting a little hard. Let me be clear though, I am happy. I’m still having the time of my life. But now and then I would like nothing more than to be with my family, ride my bike up the monument, throw on my climbing shoes and head over to dynamite shacks, or spend a day at Newport beach. This has really been the first time I would say that I have been homesick. There have been too many distractions up to this point. But 9 months later the shiney-new-ness has worn away a bit, and I’m craving something familiar. When I lived in California for school I would go home every May to visit for a couple weeks or a few months. As May came to a close I started to feel like I should be heading home. Nope not gonna happen. In fact, instead of going back to a familiar place I moved to a new town, where I didn’t know anyone, and the few people I did know in Japan were at least 2 hours away. How’s that for a homecoming? Yeah I didn’t think so either. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad that I stayed for another contract.  I love the people that I have met here, and I feel like I have started to develop a community here. But it isn’t easy to lose the little life that I built for myself for the last 8 months, only to start over again. I know that this will pass, in fact I’m going back to Okayama to see some friends this weekend. And next weekend I’m climbing Mt. Fuji with some friends, so really I don’t have time to dwell, I’m too busy having fun.

[insert emo photo taken on my computer’s camera where I look like a sad puppy trying to win your sympathy and cute at the same time]

One thought on “homeward bound (i wish i was)

  1. Sorry to hear you are homesick. I know it happens to us all….Best thing is to keep as busy as you can. Also, invest in some of those over-priced ingredients from online buyers for a taste of home. 🙂

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