and then the rain came

Last week my friends and I went to search for ourselves, and apparently Umpenji Temple is a great place to do so. On the temple grounds there are over 500 statues carved out of stone, depicting various personalities, and somewhere in the several hundred faces, you can find yourself.

In order to get to this place of self discovery we had to take a ropeway, cable car, or gondola to the top of a mountain. The  statues stand in various clusters and scattered along the path.

our journey to the top

I was too busy taking it all in to actually find my statue twin. The temple is the 66th temple in the sacred Shikoku pilgrimage, as well as a winter ski resort.

Unfortunately our trip was cut short by a massive rain storm. The thunder was rather exciting, until it started pouring rain, and a lightening strike became a real possibility.


and then the rain came

This wouldn’t have been so bad if we had been prepared but we were forced to take refuge in a bathroom and wait out the storm.

bathroom refuge

I’m a big fan of the place, totally worth another trip on a sunny day. I’d be happy to take vistors WHEN (not if) you come to visit.

family photo


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