Take me out to the ballgame…

I can check another thing off my Japanese bucket list: Go to a Baseball Game.
Yesterday, my friends and I went to see the Hiroshima Carp play  the Chunichi Dragons, in the Mazda Zoom Zoom Stadium. (yes, Zoom Zoom is really part of the name- I think its delightful)

For the most part the game was the same as an American baseball game, all but a few exceptions. There were food stands all over the stadium, however hot dogs were hard to come by . Most food stands served Japanese classics such as ramen, udon, karage (fried chicken), and kakigori (snow-cones).

In Japanese fashion the cheering was organized and in unison. Almost all fans in attendance had plastic Carp sticks that they beat to various rythems throughout the game. The fans of the opposing team were concentrated in a single section. Each team took turns cheering while they were up to bat. Other than the organized cheers there was very little individual cheering/ heckling.During the 7th inning stretch a special Hiroshima Carp song was sung instead of the American tradition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” Everyone in the crowd had balloons which they released at the end of the song. We missed the balloon memo.

Sadly, the Carp ended up loosing 6-3, however I didn’t hear good things about the team before the game, so I had low expectations. Even with the loss it was a great time, and it probably won’t be be my last. I may have found my team, even if they aren’t that great. GO CARP!

I even caught a homerun ball..... Ok, not really.


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