Shortly after hearing all about Hurricane Irene in the US, I found out I didn’t have the miss out on the fun, there was a huge typhoon coming straight for me. The 12th typhon of the season, typhoon Talas was ready to take Japan for a ride. Although the storm was a direct hit on the west, the entire country felt Talas’s wrath. Flooding and landslides were reported all the way up to Hokkaido. But I don’t live in Hokkaido, I live on Shikoku island, and that just happened to be the first place Talas hit. The worst of the storm was at 3am on Friday night/ Saturday morning, so I was safe inside my apartment when things got dicey. To be honest, I didn’t exactly trust my apartment in extreme conditions. I can hear just about everything my neighbors, say/do, and the exterior walls aren’t much thicker. But my apartment stayed standing. Kanonji is rather protected as it is surrounded by mountains, and I’m fairly far away from any body of water. The typhoon wasn’t all that bad, afternoon classes were canceled on Friday, and I had an excuse to watch movies in my apartment all weekend. Not too bad a deal if you ask me.

that's right, direct hit

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